Heavy Duty Rubber Cable Protector  Protects cables indoor or out from heavy traffic


• Protects multiple cables from pedestrian, car and truck traffic
• Heavy duty construction designed for use in commercial, industrial or
residential settings
• Made of heavy duty, commercial grade rubber
• Top hinged lid for easy access to install cables
• For indoor or outdoor use
• High visibility black body with yellow lid
• Connectors allow units to be ganged together for modular expansion

These heavy duty cable protectors have multiple channels for the protection of a large number of wires. Hinged lid allows for top loading of cables for convenience. Made of commercial grade rubber it is suitable for use outdoors and indoors in most weather conditions. The black body color with a yellow lid is highly visible. These units will protect your cables from vehicles of up to 18,000 pounds per axle. Due to the heavy nature of this cable protector, it tends to stay where you put it. Operating temperature range is -40 to +130 °F.

tem Model Name Length Width Height Channel Width Channel Height Per Tire Capacity Per Axle Capacity Weight Operating Temperature
2-Channel 40″ 9.84″ 1.77″ 1-1/4″ 1-1/4″ 6,000 lbs 12,000 lbs 15.75 lbs -40°F to 131°F
5-Channel 37 19.69″ 2.17″ 1.41″ 1.69″ 12,000 lbs 24,000 lbs 46 lbs -40°F to 131°F
2- Channel 37.99″ 24.2″ 4.13″ 3.85″ 3.07″ 5,000 lbs 10,000 lbs 63 lbs -40°F to 131°F
3-Channel 37.7″ 19.68″ 3″ 2-1/2″ 2.17″ 12,000 lbs 24,000 lbs 46 lbs -40°F to 131°F
5-Channel 36.6″ 21.8″ 2.24″ 1.46″ 1.18″ 9,000 lbs 18,000 lbs 36 lbs -40°F to 131°F