• Multi-purpose bituminized softboard made from natural wood fibres for roof, wall and floor in concrete and timber constructions 
  • Excellent recovery after 50% compression 
  • Good thermal insulation properties 
  • Available in various bitumen contents 
  • Easy to install

Fields of application

  • External wall cladding: Filling structural expansion & structural separation joints in block & insitu concrete construction. 
  • Trafficable surfaces: Filling expansion joints in motorways, runways, pedestrian areas, bridges, curbs. 
  • Internal surfaces: Filling expansion joints across concrete floors, including screed floors. 
  • Roofs & floor finishes: Ideal for filling expansion joints in concrete floors. 
  • Building superstructures: Filling expansion joints in basements, retaining walls, site slabs, subways & other water excluding structures. 
  • Reinforced concrete structures: Expansion joint fillers in piers and lateral supports like abutments. 
  • Expansion strips: Against existing or between adjacent constructions and insets in concrete paving like drains, manholes. 
  • Internal finishes: Various other flat works and concrete floors. 
  • Weight distributing layer in combination with a leveling compound 
  • Protection of waterproofing membranes and coatings from mechanical abuse and against backfill. 
  • Protection board for pressure-sensitive layers
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