Tile Trims


are available in a wide range of colors and surface finishes that conform to popular sanitary fittings and tile colors. Most of the colors can be cross-referenced to RAL and BS color standards Presently there are over 35 standard colors with options in special finishes and high gloss surface coatings. To meet with specific project specifications, designer colors can be custom matched to co-ordinate with special concepts and finishes. Please use the color chart as general reference only and specify the color by its name when ordering. Actual color samples are available from Gulf safety Company

1)      Stainless Steel Tile Corner Beading 8mm x 2.5 mtr  –  90/- EACH

2)      Stainless Steel Tile Corner Beading 10mm x 2.5 mtr – 100/- EACH

3)      Stainless Steel Tile Corner Beading 12.5mm x 2.5 mtr  – 120/- EACH